Lovett Dental Heights

174 Yale St., Suite 1200
Houston, TX 77007
(713) 535-9965


  • Excellent quick service (routine teeth cleaning). Did not have to wait very long for my appointment.
    Courtesy of : Demandforce written by GreroryH on 03/27/2015.
  • Even thought I live 30 mins away from the office but it is worth going to this locations. The locations has a really nice window view and it helps me get relaxed when I'm getting a cleaning or a filling done. The staff and workers are…
    Courtesy of : Demandforce written by AnaC on 03/25/2015.
  • The service was good other than they attempted to charge more than I was quoted for a crown replacement. I was quoted approx. $500 and when I arrived for the work, the price had jumped to almost $800. After review they had added a higher…
    Courtesy of : Demandforce written by StephenW on 03/25/2015.