Golden Room Restaurant

1209 Montrose Blvd
Houston, TX 77019
(713) 524-9614


  • Not so good Curry, Great Tom Yum Goon
    Thia is one of my favorites. I was disappointed with the Golden Room's Green Curry Chicken. Actually it was the worst I have ever had. It was way too watery and too much coconut milk, and not enough curry. The Tom Yun Goon was…
    Courtesy of : Citysearch written by awykel on 02/17/2008.
  • consistently good
    Yeah I am partial since I just bought a house a few blocks away, but this place has consistently good food and service. The waitstaff is always friendly and speaks fluent Thai to give it that authentic Thai feel. Dishes can be spicy to my…
    Courtesy of : Citysearch written by coog78 on 10/12/2007.
  • Wonderful red curry shrimp!
    The food and charming dining room are top notch. I had their lunch special of perfectly spiced red curry sauce with the largest, tenderest shrimp I've ever had. The rice came out in the shape of Texas which was a very nice touch. The…
    Courtesy of : Citysearch written by seamrippstress on 07/24/2007.