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Art League of Houston proudly announces the 2017 Texas Artist of the Year Award for the Houston Art League's annual awards ceremony. As Texas Artists of the Year 2017, the Art League in Houston presents more than fifty works by artists spanning a wide range of styles and styles, from contemporary art to modernism, contemporary and contemporary - today.

The exhibition presents a selection of different media and techniques, each of which provides social, historical and political commentary through its individual lenses.

This photo documentary, shot by Houston photographer Amy Scott, celebrates the farmers and ranchers who supply much of the fresh produce in the Houston area and connect Houstonians with what they eat every day. FotoFest, an artist organization founded in 1981, is the reason Houston is such a photo city. A museum that does not collect and is dedicated to a wealth of crafts, with a focus on photography, film, video, sculpture and other art forms.

The American master Wendell Castle, the gallery in the annex, specialises in art and furniture and exhibits his abstract paintings as well as other works by other artists.

HMAAC, a must-see museum district landmark, is best known for its exhibition of the work of African Americans in Houston. Housed at 4807 Caroline Street, the five-year-old H MAAC is an important part of understanding black Americans "contributions to Houston and the city's history. Discovery Green, next to Avenida Houston, though far from the museum, is known for the impressive and engaging public art installations of local artists such as T.S. Eliot and David Hockney.

The towering, two-story minimalist building, designed by internationally renowned Houston architect Peter Zweig, was unveiled in 2012 and features works by artists including Robert Rauschenberg, David Hockney, and Wade Johnson. The Houston Museum of Contemporary Art (HMAAC), the city's largest contemporary art museum, is also located on the same address as the design center, and exhibits contemporary paintings and photographs, including works by luminaries such as Andy Warhol, Paul Gauguin, Robert Motherwell, Michael Krieger and others, as well as other local artists.

If you're interested in art or just enjoy watching art, you can visit one of the art galleries in Houston. Be sure to check out the Houston Museum of Contemporary Art's annual Houston Art Festival, which is online all year round.

If you want to make your own contribution to the local art scene in Houston and the state of Texas, you need look no further than the Houston Art League. The annual Texas Art Festival, held in the fall, is a touchstone for state-of-the-art art in our state and builds on the Art League. Discover the diverse galleries, museums and art venues that have made Houston famous in art circles around the world. Look for someone from Houston who can be your eye and ear for what is happening in and around our city.

The Texas Aviation Hall of Fame also honors native Texans, including George H.W. Bush, John F. Kennedy and John Hughes. Among the most memorable include the Houston Museum of Natural History, Texas State University's ARS Chapel and Fort Sam Houston Soldier Museum, both of which are coming rain or shine.

Among his many awards, Shirer has received awards from the Texas Art League, the Houston Museum of Natural History, the ARS Chapel of Texas State University, and the Fort Sam Houston Soldier Museum. Among her numerous fellowships and prizes, Havel received a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship in 1987 and was named Texas Artist of the Year by the Art League of Houston in 2010. She is currently the recipient of the internationally recognized Texas Arts Award for her contributions to the art of Texas art. In 2012, she expanded the prize to include "extraordinary individuals whose efforts have helped advance the work of all Texas artists."

The Art League of Houston has launched the Texas Artist of the Year Award as part of a dynamic annual project to document Texas art history. In 2015, the local artist GONZO247 was founded, whose managing director is Fink, who is co-organizing the growing art scene. Artists from around the world have daubed graffiti murals and more on buildings in Houston. Made in Texas, "a vibrant, colorful mural that celebrates the history, culture, art history and culture of the city in general, is perfect for tourists who want to promote their visit to their favorite city in the United States.

The local economy is a key part of the success of Houston's art scene, and we are seeing its boom. Others say Houston must "have it all," but others say it must have it all.

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