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Houston is considered one of America's most diverse cities, and its fusion of cultures and cuisines is a direct reflection of this. Houston has been named one of America's best food cities, but often forgets the recognition it deserves. Houston is home to a wide range of food-related dishes, from the Houston Texans to the Texas Rangers to the Houston Astros.

Houston is on the Gulf Coast and no stranger to mud bugs and crabs, but Vietnamese Cajun cuisine was born in Houston and enjoyed a huge surge in popularity in the late 1990 "s and early 2000" s, largely due to the city's proximity to Louisiana. The city welcomed thousands of Louisiana residents seeking a fresh start and a renewed enthusiasm for the Cjun delicacy.

This is the only mudbug stall in the area, seasonally, and has picnic tables and classic Cajun lobsters. At the top of the hill, in this bustle of mud bugs, you will find a picnic table with classic caj un craw fish. This Texas mud beetle stall in Houston's West End has a picnic table with classic Cjun crabs in a prime location.

This card does a great job of packing Berry Rd. With classic house - flour tortillas, tacos and tacos with tejuanos plato. There you can get breakfast tacos at the steam table, grilled quails, hot dogs, burgers and more. Two locations, including 809 Berry Road, with two locations in Houston's East End, two in the West End and two on the East Side.

The best place to touch is your favorite taqueria, but if you don't have one yet, try their hit tacos A. If you're looking for a taste - packed taco in Midtown Heights - head to Luna Y Sol Mexican Grill, located in Houston's Midtown.

CFS - crisp, brusque white and gravy - suffocates, this no-frills hit just the right notes to remind you why you live in Texas. CFS, crisp and rugged, with white sauce, is one of the best tacos in town and a great place for a quick lunch.

Houston has about 90% of the restaurants that are delivered to you for check-in. To find out which of them deliver, browse our list of the best Houston restaurants available on UberEats. This is a great opportunity to bring restaurants popular with Uber users in Houston into the spotlight. If you prefer to order your takeout, you can browse through all the offers here - for dinner. Tacos Mayra from Tampico Refresqueria stands out because it hits just the right notes to get classic street food right.

If you love Texas style barbecues and want to test your eating skills, head to one of the Texas restaurants in Houston and try your hand at the Texas Challenge. re in downtown Houston, the Conservatory is the perfect place for a quick lunch or dinner with friends and family. Kenny's Ziggy's is a New York-style delicatessen that challenges you to eat a sandwich the size of Texas. Head over heels and try to end one wild and voracious food competition after another.

Eggs with potatoes, chorizo and bacon, among other things, is a match made in the breakfast sky.

It gets real when this Mexican seaside eatery concludes with a 1 - and - 1 - half pound burger topped with bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cheddar cheese and a side of chorizo, all fried to create a deep golden crust. This pork pouch is brand new - tortillas that are then stuffed with cheese, smothered in deep red chilli con carne and topped with more cheese if that's good enough for you. If not, you can smile whatever you want because life in HOUSTON is so COOL And at the end, you push down the softest lardi tortilla in town. They offer you the chance to eat one of the best tacos in the world topped with half a pound of burgers, but if you don't like it, there's a good chance you won't be.

If you're in Houston, look for a sign advertising a crab simmer and head to Killen's Barbecue in Pearland and get some Viet Cajun crab fish. Although it is not possible to find this dish all year round, the crab season is relatively short, so this is the best time to find it. You can still get the sauce if you want, but it needs it and you have to behave with some good crab fish during the crab fishing season. If you like, you can find them all year round at this restaurant on the east side of Houston.

If you want to get your fajita fixed, Ninfa's is the place to get some Tex-Mex, but if you're looking for something different and a little more authentic than the typical Tex Mex restaurant, head to this Houston restaurant.

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