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Houston residents will soon be able to book their tickets into space, the Space Center of Houston announced on July 1. After two months of closure, the Houston Museum of Fine Arts will be the first museum in Texas to reopen on Saturday.

The museum is located in a combined aviation and museum complex in the southeast of the city, north of downtown Houston. One of the most significant museums in the district is the Bearing Witness exhibition, which focuses on Holocaust survivors living in and around Houston. Housed at 4807 Caroline Street, the five-year-old HMAAC is an important part of the understanding of the contributions of African Americans in Houston, according to the museum's website.

This museum may not be convincing on the outside, but it holds history like no other place in Houston. Fortunately, there is a small museum in Houston that is perfect for a quieter day with children. This museum gem is often overlooked for its location in the heart of downtown Houston, just blocks from the Texas Museum of Natural History.

The museum displays exhibits related to Texas history, with a rotating series of attractions, including the "Developing Texas" exhibition and the "Holiday Lobby Exhibit," which features seasonal toys, ornaments and jewelry from the past. The permanent exhibition covers the history of Texas, from the early days of the Texas Rangers to the present-day Texas Longhorns. And then there's the "Doping Texas" exhibit, a collection of doped Texas artifacts from around the state, as well as Texas history in general.

For children and teenagers, it's a must, with its appealing display cases filled with art from around the world, and for those who love fine art, consider a day at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. For more art, visit the rotating exhibits at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, located at the Moody Mansion, which houses the museum's permanent collection of more than 1,000 artworks. The museum is funky, small, free and air-conditioned - and therefore just the thing for children. Small but not crazily busy, has a lot of fun doing, such as the Texas Art Museum, Texas History Museum and Texas Historical Society, as well as a host of other exhibits.

The museum is located at the foot of the monument and focuses on the history of Texas, from its foundation to the present day, as well as its history.

Since Ed Schipuls opened Flickr in 1996, the Holocaust Museum of Houston is the fourth largest such museum in the nation. FotoFest, an artist organization founded in 1981, is one of the reasons Houston is such a photo city.

Founded in 1909 by the Houston Museum of the Scientific Society, it has become one of the most visited museums in the country, with an average of more than two million visitors per year. Houston's Museum of Natural Sciences is the second most visited museum in Texas, behind only the National Science Museum in New York City, after completing an internationally recognized exhibition on the history of human evolution and the evolution of life on Earth.

In the Museum Quarter alone, there are almost 20 different venues, but this list of museums in the city certainly starts with the impressive Natural History Museum.

Next time you visit Houston, make sure you spend a day or two in the Houston Museum District to fill your memories with hands-on creativity and learning. Houston is the largest city in Texas and visiting the many cultural institutions and art galleries that are known worldwide can be an unforgettable experience. You should expect to be equipped with enough knowledge to view all the exhibits at the Natural History Museum, the Texas Museum of Natural Sciences, and many other museums and galleries in Houston. These museums are open to the public throughout the Houston area, but you can visit them all at the same time or in different ways.

Those willing to pay to see Houston's fascinating history in the Heritage Society museum and gallery can take a guided tour on their cell phone. You can also visit the Texas Museum of Natural Sciences, the Natural History Museum and many other museums and galleries.

Take a real history lesson in Houston and get a fascinating insight into the city's history from the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences. This sculpture garden can give the better known museums in Houston an insight into their past and present.

The Holocaust Museum of Houston has a permanent exhibition called "Bearing Witness and Community Remembers. One can use this learning experience - driven by museum experiences - to explore the history of the Holocaust and its impact on world history and culture. Patriotic veterans and antiques enthusiasts will enjoy the museum's extensive collection of medieval and early 20th century artifacts. You will meet a variety of historical figures, such as George Washington, John F. Kennedy and John Quincy Adams, as well as other important figures in history.

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