Houston marks Harvey anniversary with flood-control vote

Published 08-25-2018

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HOUSTON (AP) - Voters in Houston and its surrounding county will mark the anniversary of Hurricane Harvey coming ashore by deciding whether to approve the issuance of $2.5 billion in bonds to fund flood-control projects meant to mitigate the damage caused by future storms.

The referendum will be held Saturday, exactly one year since Harvey made landfall as a powerful Category 4 storm.

Harvey killed 68 people and caused an estimated $125 billion in damage in Texas. Thirty-six of the deaths were in the low-lying Houston area, where days of torrential rainfall and decades of unchecked development contributed to the flooding of more than 150,000 homes and 300,000 vehicles.

If the referendum passes, locals would see an average increase of $5 per year in their property taxes.

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